Flying fox und Klettergarten am Nassfeld

Outdoor park and rock labyrinth on the Tressdorfer Alm

If you want to become a real climber , it’s best to start here.
After a short training you get a via ferrata set incl. Helmet. There are 2 via ferratas.
It takes about 1.5 hours for everyone and the good thing about it is with the safety line double sighted.


Climbing rocks in the climbing garden Tressdorfer Alm


Cave outdoor climbing park Tressdorfer Alm Nassfeld


Flying Fox – high wire gardens with zip lines

There are a total of 12 different courses . From easy to difficult, from low to high.
For children and adults. If you want to do all, you are already 1 to 2 hours or longer on the way.

Net in the Flying Fox Parcour Nassfeld

Spider web

Exciting high- wire elements such as buckets, barrels, ladders …….. are waiting for you.


Net Flying Fox Parcour Tressdorfer Alm Nassfeld


Head Flying Fox Parcour Tressdorfer Alm Nassfeld


And every day the marmot greets

However, this snapshot comes from a guest – taken at Nassfeld above the Tressdorfer Alm .
You can actually see them everywhere. From the Gartnerkofels chairlift , on the Garnitzenhöhe , the Watschiger Alm , Kammleitn ….
This whistles just for warning to his conspecifics, as enemy in sight.

The marmot Nassfeld

The marmot

Zipline Planica

However, the world’s steepest zipline (= zip line ) is in Kranska Gora – Planica in Slovenia . Here you fly from the
giant hill in Planica , the largest ski jump in the world . It is 566 meters long and you reach 90 km / h .
We have tried it and it is indescribable ….. Who is looking for the kick can find him here. A breathtaking
trip to the border triangle Slovenia Italy Austria , just a stone’s throw away from us.

Zipline Planica